Saturday, 19 May 2018

6 hours. 30 000 steps. 31 pictures

How much can you see in one day when you have six hours to walk around? Today I left home at 11 a.m. and I was back at 5 p.m. I walked 30 000 steps and explored this small town I live in. I wanted to find out how many different views, environments and small details I would be able to see. I tend to walk a lot so this amount of exercise was not extreme. Usually I go same routes but today I circled through longer ways to see more. I was happy to notice how many atmospheres are packed in a small area, I got to feel urban environments, neat parks, forest, swamp, riverside views from near the water and see the same river far on the horizon. I was wearing plain jeans and sneakers, no special sports gear. One of my points is to show how many interesting things there are to experience without special equipment or extra planning. You don't always have to travel far. Quite often the nearby parks and forests are neglected when we travel to see the same things on the other side of the globe. What is around us becomes invisible and when we see it abroad it gets value. I am not saying that we should not travel, it is fun to visit in a new place and get inspired about how things are done in there. But at least I have noticed that I love to visit cafes and parks and romanticize everyday life in places where I visit. Then when I come back home I forget that there is a possibility to go to local cafes and parks and appreciate all great things that are near. One doesn't need to use a car to go from place A to place B what comes to short distances. It is more fun to use own muscles and be able to change destination or take another route. There is more room for spontaneity and exploring like my walk around Rovaniemi shows. 

Snow has melted in a relatively short time. I am not sure if this dog has been made before snow or this spring. I pass this building quite often so that I am quite sure I would have noticed this dog last year if it was there.

A cemetery near the town center.  Cemeteries are always peaceful and beautiful places that take away the fear of death and show the natural course of human life.

Flowers at the church park. Few plants were already making flowers. It is interesting to see how the shades change during the summer. Now there were mainly blue, yellow and green. Plus this one that goes to violet and red.

The town center is on the opposite side. The river water has been high for the whole week and stream is rapid. Especially under the bridge one can hear the power of water.

Heading to the Ounasvaara hill. Green is everywhere.

Blueberries are making leaves.

Swamp is still quite colorless but on the surface of the ground you can see promises of the new season.

Mother Earth.

I guess that the routes are being renovated this summer.

Houses follow the river line. View from Ounasvaara hill.

Dog park in the green palm. 

Lunch break at the park in the town center. 

Arktikum park has many kinds of trees and bushes to look closer and explore the growth.

Bench with a view looking to the horizon and waiting for someone to sit. Long winter under the snow is over. After few weeks it is on the dry ground and will offer a great place to have a picnic.

Relaxing weekend to you all! I challenge you to do the same and take a few pictures from your home town or village to show how much it is possible to see by foot. No need to walk six hours, I am sure you will see plenty in two hours. It might be difficult to stop though once you are on the road.


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