Sunday, 6 May 2018

Timeless Lampshade with A4 Paper

It is always satisfying to make an old thrift store piece look new and interesting. The more common piece is in question the better. White lampshades are everywhere and usually white being a color that gets a bit worn out easily, cast to thrift stores. Classic white lampshade is a wonderful base for a DIY project. So many options to make it fit your style. In this project I used a material that is one of the most common materials of all, white A4 paper. Copy paper might be too thick for this so I chose a paper that is not that heavy and folds easily. A local craft store had a great paper that cost 3,5€ per package of ten papers. I needed two packages so the total cost for the lampshade is under 15€ with the lampshade, papers and glue. You don't need to do that much research to find out how expensive stylish lampshades can be. A new plain white lampshade might cost 50€ to start with. Of course making things yourself is time craving but if you are making this lampshade to yourself and enjoy it for lets say at least next ten years what is a few hours compared to that? 

Crafting is a wonderful way to relax and this simple technique lets your mind rest when making the neat folds. This took about 40 paper pieces to fold so I suggest you divide the work for one or two weeks. You could fold few pieces before going to bed of leaving to work. Also this is something you can do while watching telly or listening to audio book or radio. Some minutes to this project a day and you get it finished quite quickly in the end. 

This lampshade looks beautiful and timeless. It works as a sculpture with or without light in it. Neat folds reflect natural light giving a living surface. When there is light in it the subtle shapes come out in a new way. The look is modern and functions well with many home decor styles from colorful to all white and natural, from classic layered style to minimal. Are your ready with your papers and scissors?

You will need:

A white lampshade
White paper in size A4 (I would suggest you use a bit thinner paper than normal copy paper)
Strong glue that dries quickly
Barbecue skewer (helpful in placing the decorations to the lampshade)

This is how the plain lampshade looked like before the makeover. I bought this lamp from a thrift store and it cost 4€. 

Step 1. Take a ruler and pencil and divide the paper as shown in the picture. Make five columns that are 5 cm wide. Then rule the columns to 0,5 cm stripes. Cut the columns out. Fold the papers according to the marks.

Step 2. Open the folds from both sides of the paper like shown in the picture. Begin to cover the lampshade with paper pieces from the upper side. Glue first the one side of the paper piece to the lampshade and let dry. The spread open the fold and glue the other side. Cover the whole surface with these paper decorations. Depending on the size of your lampshade you might have to cut some pieces a bit smaller to fit to the lampshade on the last row of paper decorations. A barbecue skewer might be useful in placing the decoration when attaching it. 

Lovely spring days to you all! If you are looking for more DIY projects and inspiration visit my DIY page. There you can find out how that black and white curtain makeover with tassels is done or get inspiration and tips for quilt projects! 


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