Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Small Everyday Luxuries

What makes life luxurious? Some might think it is provocative to ask this in the middle of a busy week. I think an ordinary Tuesday is best day to talk about luxuries in life. List few first things that come to your mind when you think about luxury. What did you come up with? Are luxuries something we dream of or something we already have and get to enjoy every now and then? For example I dream of travelling more and having a slightly bigger apartment. Those two things are luxurious in my mind. But then when I come home on a rainy day, switch warm woolen socks to my feet and make a cup of tea I feel I already have the biggest luxuries in life.

Seven years ago I moved to Lapland from Southern Finland. I felt that getting to walk all distances between home, university, hobbies and shops was luxurious after spending hours and hours in public transport during the years in southern cities. Some people live and work hard to get a long vacation to far away land once a year. Some put their money to concerts, confectionery, books and home decor every month/week. I guess for most of us everyday life is what covers 90% of our being. It depends on a person how necessary it is to have small moments of joy everyday or if it is more important to pack all life's luxury to grand events 1-3 times per year. For me everyday life is what counts. I cannot wait that wonderful things will happen to me on next summer holiday. I measure quality of life with how great the mundane days feel and how much I get to do things I enjoy on a daily basis. For me this sort of approach has helped a lot. I have got goals in life and big dreams but I also try to create every morning worth waking up.

Last week I went for basic grocery shopping. I saw that there were lots of fruits in great offer. I bought a basket full of fruits which felt so luxurious because usually I buy few bananas and maybe pack of grapes or oranges. The idea of getting to eat more fruits than usual and putting these beautiful colors to my kitchen table made me glad. Next morning when I woke up I thought about my fruit selection. This little luxury had a price tag under 7€ and now almost a week later I still have some fruits left. It was not about the money it was about letting myself to be silly. Also the luxury was more than few extra plums and pineapple. It was a whole picture that came to my mind. Usually this kind of fruit amount belongs to hotel breakfast, old painting or Christmas celebration. I thought about vitamins I am going to absorb to myself before gloomy Autumn days.

When one is both daydreamer and realist it makes a good combination. Daydreamer sees the small pleasures of life and knows how to create la la land around everyday activities. Realist part keeps track on resources (money, time..) that frame the possibilities. Daydreamer doesn't become discouraged by the facts but creative. It is different to build a status than to construct the best life for yourself. For me it is important to live in beautiful environment, read lots of books, take part to cultural happenings, eat well, meet people, craft and keep fit. If I would choose differently what I just mentioned could come up with a high price tag. Price tag so high I could not afford it. But instead of that I have decorated my 38 square meter manor with furniture finds from thrift stores and garbage. I have developed my skills to make these finds look classy. I enjoy being at home, reading and watching movies. I try to see close instead of planning trips to far away places to hunt for experiences. It is wonderful how many happenings and activities there are almost every week now that it is Autumn; I have spotted many local culture, science and sports happenings and some of them actually cost nothing. 

Sometimes small everyday luxuries are hiding behind routine. Like those warm woolen socks that I mentioned in the beginning. Those socks are nothing per se but combined to arriving home after rainy day and making hot tea they form a luxurious moment. Even though same things repeat every day they are not always luxuries. Maybe the secret is that sometimes we notice the small things. Grandeur experiences are easy to point but subtle hues need special senses. Here are some luxurious everyday moments I have been able to spot past weeks:

-Fruits on sale.
-Outdoor movies.
-Planning projects and posts for Autumn season.
-Jazzklubi -program on radio.
-Long walks.
-Open lectures with interesting topics.
-Finding good stuff from garbage and getting great ideas to use it.
-Art exhibitions.
-New monthly BuJo spread.
-Reading all night when I get to sleep long next morning.
-Collecting nature materials before snow.
-Good sandwich and watching a movie. 
-Getting inspired in Pinterest.
-Flow when sewing.
-Cooking all day with no hurry.
-Fresh flowers on vase.
-Pint of coffee.

What kind of small everyday luxuries have you experienced? 

This week's DIY day will be on Friday, until that have a great week!


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