Thursday, 1 February 2018

Valentine's Day Decorations

Valentine's Day, what a wonderful reason to craft and decorate! There is never too many festive days in a year. I like to have excuses to make small decorations and arrangements. In a small apartment festive seasons are a handy way to change decor and have a reason to start over again. 

I know festive days can cause stress because there is a pressure to have lots of fun and masses of people around you. Spending Valentine's Day alone doesn't sound that appealing when you look at the pictures in social media or magazines. Also there might be a pressure to buy expensive gifts you actually can't afford. I have taken an approach to enjoy all festive seasons in advance. I gather inspiration, plan, craft and decorate. I have learned that preparations are the thing that I enjoy the most. Festive days feel often a bit flat. Sometimes the actual celebration has no extra because all events and gatherings are before or after the day. Like it is thought that people have too many plans already for that day. 

One way to celebrate Valentine's Day is to make DIY decorations, send Valentine's cards, maybe bake festive treats and take part to some Valentine's event. I really hope that every town and village has at least one event where everybody is invited. It might not be labelled with Valentine's Day in it. Maybe it is a dance class or reading circle that actually has gatherings every week, but is open for new members. One of my plans for Valentine's Day is to attend to an open lecture that has nothing to do with Valentine's. It just happens to take place that day. For me the most important thing is to be among people and do something that I am actually interested in. Who is to show the right way to celebrate Valentine's Day or any other festive season.

For those like minded people who enjoy crafting and decorating I have got two Valentine's decoration DIY ideas. I felt I needed to craft something small and super cute this year. Pink, hearts, pearls and tassels are the details that make my Valentine's decoration this February. And sure, pink flowers like roses or carnations are traditional but never old fashioned. So here you have: Heart Decoration 1 and 2 tutorials. Please share on social media if you like <3 

Heart Decoration 1.

You will need:

27 small pearls
Thin wire
Embroidery Yarn
Golden sewing yarn

Piece of cardboard

Step 1. Cut 2,5 cm high piece from cardboard. Cut long piece of wire and put on the cardboard. Twist embroidery yarn around the cardboard and wire 11 times.

Step 2. Knot the wire tight around the bundle and remove the cardboard.

Step 3. Knot piece of embroidery yarn 0,5 cm from wire knot. Trim the tassel.

Step 4. Thread 13 small pears to both wire ends.

Step 5. Put wire ends together and twist tight with pliers. Put a pearl to cover the knot and little bit of glue to keep the pearl in its place. Put a loop from sewing yarn to hang the decor.

Heart Decoration 2

You will need:

Felt heart or big heart shaped pearl
3 small pearls
Embroidery yarn
Golden sewing yarn


Step 1. Cut 2,5 cm high piece from cardboard. Cut long piece of golden yarn and put on the cardboard. Twist embroidery yarn around the cardboard and golden yarn 11 times. 

Step 2. Knot the golden yarn tight around the bundle and remove the cardboard.

Step 3. Knot piece of embroidery yarn 0,5 cm from golden yarn knot. Trim the tassel.

Step 4. Take a needle and thread two pearls, felt heart and one pearl to the golden yarn. Make a knot to the end of the yarn so you can hang the decor.

Happy first of February To You All <3



  1. These are absolutely amazing! 😍 I'm so motivated to go home and try to make them! You are really talented! 😍

    1. Thank you! Nice to hear you liked this DIY :) Happy Valentine's Day!


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