Monday, 5 March 2018

Winter Routes

River is a route. Highway since ancient times. Nowadays built roads have made the map a bit different. Before villages and houses used to situate by the river side. I would say quite a few people have a boat they can use in these modern times. During the summer time I take walks following the river line and my walks are bound to human built bridges. Winter gives me back the ancient route and makes it possible to walk to places that are too far in the summer time. 

There are many kinds of routes on the ice. Paths to walk, skiing tracks, snowmobile routes and car roads. Sometimes these little paths appear to curious places which tells a lot about the human nature. Shortcuts can be made through a pile of snow. One is ready to clear a path no matter how tricky it is and how much snow goes into the legs. This is me, this is my territory. I need to leave a mark. I have a freedom to go through, walk straight. And that freedom is used. Trickiest routes have butt prints. I guess it was worth it to stumble. Or maybe it is in human nature to seek adventure. On a way home, with large shopping bags in your hands you don't choose the pedestrian walk. Instead of that a slippery shortcut through a thick bush seems more appealing. 

When you look at these pictures you might think that there are no people anywhere. There is a contrast between what the pictures tell and how I would describe the same moment. On a sunny and warm winter day the river ice is full of people. Some ski alone enjoying the feeling of freedom and vast scenery that makes you think you can ski as long as your feet and skis take you. Some are with a friend sharing latest events of life. There are families having a picnic. Dog walkers. Enthusiastic sports people. What makes the pictures so empty is the space. Nature is something so big that only the prints on ice tell about the traffic. Human being alone looks small. The prints, stripes, dots, abstracts, that we make every day make us visible.

Adventurous paths to your week my Friend!



  1. This is very interesting. I live near a large city and even the area of countryside where I live can seem quite busy with people and traffic. It is difficult to walk safely on the narrow roads in my community so I must join the crowd of "motors". The thought of walking the river sounds delicious. Thank you for sharing the photos. I have wondered why there are so few people in them.

    1. Finnish countryside is quite peaceful and people enjoy the silence and their own space. When there are happenings I am sometimes quite surprised where do all those people come from, when everyday scene there is relatively few people everywhere. I have been thinking how it looks that there are just few if none people in my pictures when I know that in reality there are lots of people living active life and jogging, skiing, walking dogs, shopping etc. It is just so difficult to get that to the pictures.. Maybe I will have to go to some summer event to take pictures of crowd :)


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