Thursday, 10 May 2018

Floating Day

Can you believe it is this time of the year? One can wear a dress and enjoy warm sunlight. Even the wind brings warm air and makes the ice float away and melt. It is always so surprising to notice that summer is here. Last week it was still snowing but now I combined thin layers of cloth and it was enough. I wondered, out of old habit, if I should take a coat with me but it was not necessary. Summer gives so much freedom. Heavy winter gear takes time to dress and there is not so many choices what to wear because no matter how pretty outfit you have you are still forced to put that same winter coat and skiing trousers on. Now there is more to choose of and dress nicely. 

I love to book a day for floating as I call it. It means I spend the day outdoors wandering mindlessly and exploring the surroundings. Warm summer days are perfect for that. Walking from place to place and taking roads where I have never visited. I might walk quite long distances on floating days. One can float in nature or urban surroundings as I did today. I went to back alleys and empty streets near the end of the town area. Those places are not the most beautiful in the common sense but offer interesting colors, patterns, structures and also beauty in their own way. 

Have you seen Jan Troell's film Everlasting Moments? I should watch it again. It shows wonderfully how photographers eye sees beauty and interesting details everywhere in everyday life. Photographer or not one can learn to see world in a different way but it takes time and concentration. Rushing between places usually makes world to hide all there secret treasures. But slow floating days every now and then bring the magic back. One day we notice how much inspiration has been put on our way when we walk our everyday routes to school, hobbies or work. Things that can inspire us to create and enjoy our environment more. 

Inspiring summer days to you all!


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