Wednesday, 17 February 2016

The winter days in Lapland

Yesterday was just perfect what comes to weather. I took my camera out and photographed the whole long day. The pictures above are from the river Kemi and wooded hill called Ounasvaara. The amount of sun was so therapeutic after long dark mid-winter months. I even got some sun to my cheeks. It is miraculous how it is wintry and yet the sun is starting to warm. These kind of days are the best days of the year. And when you see these landscapes is it not easy to understand why I choose to live here in the north? That first picture from the river is from the beach that situates opposite the town centre. The Ounasvaara is about two kilometers from the centre and looks like you would be in real wilderness :) In the summers I use to go jogging to the Ounasvaara because the air is so fresh there. During the winter the jogging paths are skiing routes. The picture above is from swamp that is one of my favorite places in my home town. The swamp feels so ancient as the time would stop. That atmosphere takes all the worries of everyday life go away.

What is your favorite place? Do you enjoy going to nature or are you more of a city person?


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