Saturday, 28 May 2016

a Balcony Flowerpot Garden

Summer is here! Can you believe that? Yesterday was quite coldish and today I was biking wearing shorts and a t-shirt. I have been out the whole day doing gardening, first at the work party raking our common yard and then at my own balcony. Now I finally dared to buy the summer flowers as there is no fear that they would freeze at night. This year my theme with flowers was cyclamen red and orange. I picked different shades of red and mixed with orange. These pictures are straight after planting so it takes time that these will set to their places better. My budget with flowers was 20€ which was enough as I already had green plants from inside and some roses. Flags are made of coated tablecloth fabric and they have served for 3-4 years even though I use to have these through the summer in every weather. Red seventies table is from a flea market, plastic carpets from a sale. All the items have been bought couple of years ago but still in good shape and working well.

It is one of the luxuries of life to sit on a balcony drinking coffee and reading a good interiors magazine. Tomorrow on Sunday morning I can wake up admiring these flowers and listening to birds song. What a perfect way to start a day :)

When I haven´t been gardening I have been painting and removing paint. Soon I will have three projects to show you. In the meantime, enjoy the summer!


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