Monday, 3 October 2016

3 Fun Fall DIY projects

Sometimes we need a bit silly DIY projects to cheer up and enjoy just the making process without pressure. Some materials like colorful garden twine and old glittery bracelets offer good feelings per se. As much as making crafts can be serious art the process of crafting can also offer a chance to play. These simple projects offer that fun moment in the middle off sometimes hectic and stressful life. Don´t mind the result, take a cup of coffee with a bun, put your favorite music on and enjoy the journey!

You will need:

a basic stool (mine was faux wood plus metal)
white primer
chalk paint
antiquing wax
colorful garden twine
scissors, paintbrush, cotton cloth, builders tape

1. Paint the sitting part with white primer two times.
2. Paint the sitting part with chalk paint two times.
3. Apply the wax to the sitting part with a piece of cotton cloth.
4. Cover the legs with colorful garden twine. Use glue to attach the twine to the surface. Hide twine ends under the second color as shown in the picture.

You will need:

a glass jar
old metallic bracelets
wire cutters

1. Cut old bracelets with wire cutters to small pieces.
2. Glue bracelet pieces to the glass jar´s surface.

You will need:

colorful garden twine 
crocheting hook

1. Chain 4 (= a loop and first double crochet) and crochet 11 double crochets to the first chain stitch. Close the round with slip stitch to the first dc.
2. Chain 3 (=first dc) and crochet two double crochets in all stitches, close the round with slip stitch.
3. Change the twine color. Chain 3 (=first dc), *crochet one simple crochet in every next 3 stitches, 1 dc in the next stitch and 2dc 1chain 2 dc to the next one (=corner of the square) and 1 dc in next stitch* ** repeat.
4. Finish the twine end´s with a needle.

Wishing you all a good start for the week!


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