Sunday, 9 October 2016

A Good Day Sunday

I am just having a very good day. I have got chocolate flavored coffee in my mug, I have been on a long walk, prepared good food and got one project finished. Yesterday I felt I have got too many projects in my mind and new ideas are coming on a constant flow before I get old ones done. I know that taking one project at a time from the list helps but sometimes it is just difficult to get started. Although I would be more worried if I would get all ideas done and run out of creativity. 

Today I listened Christmas songs for the first time this year. My Christmas season always starts with Elvis and Santa Claus Is Back In Town. When the first notes come out of the player it gets me into good mood. This week I begun to think the coming season and plan Christmas projects. I know someone thinks it is too early but for a DIYer and a blogger wishing to inspire other DIYers it is a good moment to start the creative work. More about Christmas coming soon :) 

I red from a mag that drinking coffee is beneficial to one´s health. Just google drinking coffee and you get lots of  info about the benefits (for example this article).  I drink 2 cups of coffee per day, one on morning and one on midday. But if I understood correctly a good amount would be 3-5 cups per day. I am just planning a schedule to get all that coffee through my throat. Though what means a cup? My cups are about half a liter.  And have they made a study about the beneficial effects of all those buns and cookies that company that coffee cup?? :D

Alice Hoffman writes good books with a hint of magic added to everyday life. Last week I read The Museum of Extraordinary Things. In the book a girl named Coralie trains to be a mermaid in her fathers museum. She also dreams about being like normal people she sees passing her in the streets. Eddie is a photographer who has taken part both legal and illegal businesses and wonders his relationship to his dad. New York in the beginning of 20th century was an interesting scene to the happenings and the story was so good that I ended up reading through the night. I have also read The Red Garden from the same author some years ago and I remember enjoying that reading experience too. I have to check her other books and ad some to my must read list. 

Have you ever washed a pullover in a wrong temperature and got a doll´s pullover in return? I have saved all those woolen memories in my closet to become a material in my future projects. That future got waiting for five years until I made these sitting pads. These are very handy now that the temperatures are colder. Just cut sixteen 12*12 cm squares from felted pullovers and sew together. Use the block as a measure and cut the back side and one layer of patting. Collect the pieces together: first the patting, then the back side piece right side up and the right side piece wrong side up. Sew together and turn around. Stitch and decorate with woolen embroidery yarn.

Have a good Sunday!



  1. Great that you have started to listen to Christmas songs, now I have also permission to do so :) Great pictures and thanks for the book tip. I`m reading Kate Morton at the moment and love it!

    1. I will have to check Kate Morton´s books. After summer activities autumn is a really good time for reading.


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