Friday, 20 January 2017

Weaving Squares

For a person who loves crafting it is always so inspiring to learn new techniques and find different materials to use.  I found a book (100 Pin Loom Squares, by Florencia Campos Correa ) about Pin Loom weaving. The book is focused on how to make small squares. Inspired by the technique I have made experiments to weave with paper yarn.  I think that after woolen wall hangings paper yarn textiles and decorations may have a new coming in the current huge weaving trend. Paper yarn is just one part of the nineties inspired decor this year. Somehow bright colors and neat light materials feel so new again. 

This new technique I have been learning is so much fun and every time I look at the material and different ways to weave a square I get so carried away with endless possibilities and ideas what to try next. I had planned to try other trend craft, mosaic, last autumn but I run out of time. Maybe this spring or summer I get all those broken plates and mugs to pieces and create something with that technique too. Usually learning a new skill has an inspiring effect to all creative work and it is easier to find new ways of doing customary things.

I am sure that you will hear about my weaving enthusiasm more this spring. I have thought about my coming blog posts and my blogging style in general and I have come to decision that I want to show even more pictures about making processes and creative work. I hope that my pictures would inspire people to create and understand techniques as well as raise consciousness of how much time and skill handicrafts take. Sometimes in this modern instant culture where everything is ready to use we lose the knowledge about the process behind the item. It can actually be great fun to notice that things can be made by oneself :)

I would be happy to hear about you! Have you tried weaving or some other new technique lately? Do you enjoy learning about making processes?  

Happy Weekend Everyone!


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