Friday, 27 January 2017

Wooden Wall Art

Happy Friday! Just wanted to show you some pictures from my latest project. Today I finished making this wooden wall art. Before Christmas I fell in love with these beautifully cut wooden shapes that I found from a thrift shop. I am quite sure that these are leftover pieces from wooden spoons. Some pieces had blue and red hues. Material was very beautiful. I have got lots of old frames in the storage waiting for projects to come and I thought it would be nice to frame these pieces on birch plywood. 

It took several hours to design how to place the wooden pieces and which two frames to use. Now I am very pleased with the result that is both modern and traditional. The surface is nice to touch and on some angles it actually looks like there would be holes and on the other angle like it would be a drawing. I love museums and I have done some other museum display inspired composition wall arts before with small kitchen tools. This wooden wall art looks like it is picked from natural history museum´s wall (eggs, shells). 

Now that I got into making mood I have got lots of other ideas what to make with frames, plywood (you know, they sell it in 1220 mm * 2440 mm boards so I still got plenty of material!) and all sorts of small artifacts. I have also been thinking about framing some of the paper yarn squares I have woven. This picture found it´s place on the living room wall above the working table (at the moment as I am typing this I get to look at the calming surface and soft color). I think that the wall may go through a transformation process now that this new piece came. I am going to look at the empty wall with this single piece for a while before I make a decision how to arrange the whole.

With these detail pictures I wish you a happy and inspiring weekend!


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