Friday, 22 September 2017

Mid-Century Modern Table DIY

Friyay! While being effective for the last working hours of the week it is time to get inspired and search for the best DIYs of the weekend. Side tables are handy in home decor. They offer extra surface for seasonal arrangements, place to leave your books and coffee mugs or to keep all the little plant pots organized. Today I went for darker colors to get a side table that will give needed contrast to all my bohemian style collections. I love layered look that has elements from different eras and styles: old worn out carved wood, modern design chairs, bright colors, global style patterns and eclectic mid-century. 

Combination of mid-century modern and bohemian style works quite well I think. Especially when color palette in furniture is simple and combined with deeper bohemian shades. Harvest season's colors like pumpkin orange, beetroot purple and moss green begin to look great with warm wood and grey. Golden accents make the look luxurious and urban. I have had many styles during the years and the modern twist is the latest one. Clean lines calm down the overall look which is great in small space like my apartment. Grey walls, mirrors (check this contemporary mirror wall DIY!) and two big carpets create a sense of a bigger space and allow to play with smaller and more decorative objects. 

Idea of this table came with the need of an extra small table and the legs that appeared from the garbage about the same time. I could not find suitable plank from the garbage or thrift store so I had to buy a new one (cost 10€). I modified the plank to fit in a narrow space, that is why I sawed of the corners. Paints are all more of less leftovers. I always tend to have some jars in my closets. As a starting point with the colors I had a thought that I am not going to add any more colors in the house so I kept the palette simple. Now I have plans to put my stereos on this side table and maybe a small flowerpot.

You will need:

Metal table legs + screws
Wooden plank
Paint in three colors (I used golden spray paint, black furniture paint and brown antiquing wax)
Painter's tape
Sanding paper
Strong white paper like wallpaper
Drilling machine and drill

In today's tutorial I have got more pictures than usual but I hope that in case you are making this DIY you will find them helpful. This DIY is not difficult to make yet includes many different steps. So here is how I made this table:

Step 1. The table legs are a garbage find. I spray painted the legs with golden spray paint. Then I bought a plank that fits to the legs. This plank is 40 cm * 1 m. 

Step 2. To get right proportions to make legs and table cover work together I removed few centimeters from the length. Because this side table is going to a narrow place I removed the corners. I always hit myself to sharp corners so I hope to prevent that with this simple design.

Step 3. Saw off from the length if needed. Saw off the corners. Sand the edges.

Step 4. Attach the legs. First I measured how wide the the leg pair is and counted it to the middle. Then I draw another line from the front edge. As a result I got a rectangle that works as guide to get the legs in their right place.

Step 5. Screw the legs to the plank. If needed attach supporting pieces to keep the plank firm in use.

This table would look pretty like this or painted with just one color but we are not stopping here!

Step 6. Cut a model that is the exact same shape as the table cover. Use a long ruler to draw lines and form random geometrical shapes. My tip would be to keep most of the shapes quite big and then add few smaller shapes. This keeps the project easier to paint plus creates dynamic look.

Step 7. Decide what paint are you going to use in particular blocks. In case you are using spray paint cut out the blocks you are spray painting.

Step 8. Use painter's tape to secure the lines. I left about 0,7 cm gap between color blocks which means that I put the tape 0,3 cm over the models line. 

Step 9. Spray paint the blocks. If you want to use spray paint in all blocks you need to make as many paper models as you got colors. Then you just cut out the blocks you are painting with the certain color.

Step 10. Gently rip off the tapes when the paint is dry. Try not to break the model.

Step 11. Then cut off blocks one by one drawing the outlines to the table cover.

Step 12. Use ruler to get the lines sharp and gaps between the blocks right.

Step 13. Then it is time to paint with the second color. With furniture paint I worked block by block. I put the tapes, painted and removed the tape immediately before the paint was dry. This because acrylic paint sometimes cracks with the tape when dry.

Step 14. After the furniture paint blocks were dry I did the same with rest of the blocks. This time I used antiquing wax.

Step 15. Then I painted the edge with the black furniture paint.  After the paint was dry I sanded the gaps between blocks to take off the pencil marks and paint that went over the lines. 

Best thing in this mid-century inspired table is that it is timeless piece in home decor. It can be styled with various ways. You could decorate the whole home with mid-century pieces and this table would not pop out. Also it is a perfect dynamic piece in modern global style. I love to collect all sorts of decorative items, like trays, flower pots, baskets, decorative pillows etc. The look might get a little messy without furniture like this that gives frame to the entity.

Hope today's post and this tutorial was both inspiring and helpful. Please share my tutorials and projects on social media if you like them! Shares, likes and follows are the biggest encouragement for my work <3 

Have a Fun and Creative Weekend!


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