Thursday, 7 September 2017

Modern Global: Wall Clock DIY

Happy Thursday and DIY day! I have had both fun and productive day. Because it is fun when you get things done, right? Although my productiveness didn't show out, it was mainly immaterial. Point is that I got ideas finished in my head. I tend to collect projects that I am not sure how they turn out. Then when ever these something to be -projects start to pile it is annoying. It takes time to develop major ideas as I don't want to ruin good materials. This way it is a breakthrough when ideas make their arrival one by one and random stuff becomes part of an actual project that is scheduled to BuJo.

Main material that I am using in today's project, an old tray, is from thrift store's free to take basket. The tray was broken yet had very beautiful details in it. I thought it's frames could be used in some DIY project. After I carried it home it has been moving from bench to bench and table to table. I didn't immediately get any marvelous idea. I have got another tray that was planned to become a wall clock but as it is still intact I thought this broken piece could be better used in this project. Because the tray had hole (and hideous picture) in the middle I was sure the middle part must be removed. Plywood was obvious answer to cover the middle but for long I had no idea how to paint or decorate it. Sometimes (quite often actually) the most simple answers are the most difficult to see. All that the clock needed was bright contrasting paint and modern clock hands. So here you have, first material evidence of my productive Thursday :) For your project you can choose any metal tray that is thin enough to be easily cut and any bright color that matches your own home. 


You will need:

Metal tray
Thin plywood
Chalk paint
Clockwork and modern clock hands
Small beads to mark the hours
Strong glue
Drilling machine plus 10 mm drill
Coping saw

Step 1. Measure the middle circle of the tray and draw similar circle to the plywood.

Step 2. Use coping saw to saw out the round piece from the plywood.

Step 3. After you have sawed off the piece drill a hole to the middle. The hole should be big enough so you get the clockwork's middle piece through it. I used 10 mm drill.

  Step 4. Sand the edges if needed. Paint twice with chalk paint.

Step 5. Measure 1 cm from the middle circle. Use compass to get even line.

Step 6. Cut out the middle part following the line you draw. I used plain scissors to do this. You can use special scissors made for cutting metal if your tray is heavier material. Clean the tray. I polished mine with toothbrush and toothpaste.

Step 7. Attach the plywood circle to the frame using strong glue. Let dry. Combine the clockwork and clock hands to the middle. Glue beads to mark 12, 3, 6 and 9.


I quite like the look that combines both modern and vintage. Old tray gives global bohemian vibe to this clock and new bright red color balances. Now I feel a huge motivation boost to get other projects finished. I have banned thrift stores and garbage bins (I am allowed to put trash in, not take out) until the corners are empty from all interesting materials :D

Have a Wonderful Weekend You All!


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