Friday, 29 September 2017

Quilt Pattern: Brisk Winds, Warm Stoves

Quilting fever has hit me again! Maybe it was brought by Autumn winds from far far away quilting land. Idea of making seasonal quilts has inspired me lately. When quilts start piling it is an heureka -moment when you realize you can make different quilts, like blankets, pillows and kitchen accessorize, for every season and this way display all your great works. I am already thinking about Halloween and Christmas! I try to avoid too traditional look with seasonal quilts by choosing fabrics that will match to my personal style. This means somewhat bright colors all year around paired with skeletons and snowmen depending on the season. Today's quilt pattern is inspired by Autumn but made with clear classic style color blocks fitting to all seasons if preferred. This is a great pattern for beginners and relatively quick to make. Today I will give you step by step tutorial on how to quilt this pattern. On next quilting post I will show you how to do the batting and stitching and make pillows using these beautiful designs. If you love quilting inspiration stay tuned this Autumn and Winter season. If I am not miraculously cured from my quilting fever I will keep posting quilt projects every now and then. My BuJo is filled with sketches waiting to actualize!

Brisk Winds, Warm Stoves

With this tutorial you will get two 57*57 cm pieces you can use to make for example pair of pillows.

You will need:

Fabric in 8 colors (preferably fabric that has no pattern in it).
Sewing yarn

Quilting equipment: 

Cutting mat
Rotary cutter
Sewing machine

You can use this picture as a pattern model when making the blocks. You will come up with two pieces that are slightly different when looking the stripes. Collect the blocks together as shown in the picture and picture below.

Step 1. You might not find exactly same fabrics that I am using so decide what fabrics you are using instead. To make it easier to do the cutting I have listed the pieces that you need from each 8 colors.

Green & Blue Palette

Light blue: 21,5*21,5 cm Square 1 piece / 21,5*6 cm 2 pieces / 21,5*5,5, cm 4 pieces
Olive green: 21,5*21,5 cm Square 1 piece / 21,5*6 cm 4 pieces / 21,5*5,5 cm 3 pieces
Moss green: 21,5*21,5 cm Square 1 piece / 21,5*6 cm 2 pieces / 21,5*5,5 cm 4 pieces
Bright green: 21,5*21,5 cm Square 1 piece / 21,5*6 cm 2 pieces / 21,5*5,5 cm 4 pieces

Red and Orange Palette

Orange: 21,5*21,5 cm Square 2 pieces / 21,5*6 cm 2 pieces / 21,5*5,5 cm 3 pieces
Red: 21,5*21,5 cm Square 2 pieces / 21,5*6 cm 2 pieces / 21,5*5,5 cm 3 pieces
Cyclamen red: 21,5*6 cm 2 pieces / 21,5*5,5 cm 3 pieces
Lilac: 21,5*21,5 cm Square 1 piece / 21,5* 6 cm 2 pieces / 21,5*,5, cm 3 pieces

Step 2. Iron the fabrics properly. Because all pieces are 21,5 cm wide cutting is quick and easy. First you cut 21,5 cm piece and the cut of the 21,5 cm wide square and then the stripes. See picture.

Step 3. Because 6 cm and 5,5 cm wide stripes can be difficult to tell from each other I suggest you put a post it on the top of the 6 cm pile. When you have cut all pieces it is time to start sewing pieces together.

Step 4. First consult your plan or the picture of the pattern on this page. In this pattern you can see 9 blocks that consist of five stripes and triangle. Work one block per time and see the order of stripes. Take the tree stripes in the middle from the 5,5 cm wide pile and the stripes that are going to both sides from the 6 cm wide pile. 

Step 5. Sew stripes together with 0,75 cm seam allowance. You get 0,75 cm when you sew following the edge with the foot as in the picture.

Step 6. Iron the seams properly open.

Step 7. Take the square that is the same color as the triangle of the block. Draw line from corner to corner to the wrong side.

Step 8. Pin the squares right sides together as shown in the pictures.

Step 8. Sew from both sides of the line with the 0,75 seam allowance.

Step 9. Cut the triangles apart following the line you draw before. Iron the seam well.

Now you got the first blocks for the pattern. Do other blocks similarly. Note that you are making everything in pair for two different bigger blocks. 

Step 10. When you got all blocks ready you can combine the parts together according to the pattern. Sew blocks together row by row.

Step 11. Iron the seams properly. Then you should combine the rows. Be careful that the corners of the blocks match.

Step 12. Pin the rows together carefully and sew with 0,75 cm seam allowance.

Step 13. Iron the seams and the complete work. Combine the blocks of the other piece same way.

I will continue working with these quilted pieces and turn them into pillows. I will write a tutorial about that too so stay tuned, part two is coming soon. If you are interested in quilting check my other posts about quilting:

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Happy Friday and Weekend to you all!


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