Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Slow Season

Weather today didn't invite outdoors to take photographs. It has been grey, cloudy, snowy and windy for several days now. But this is how January looks like and I think every season is beautiful in it's own way. Because of minimum amount of light there was no shadows and very little colors. What is special in midwinter is quietness. Snow insulates sound and all I could hear was strong wind and trees knocking. 

I walked few kilometers path and noticed the subtle hues in the sky. Little bit of pale pink and blue indicating that light is there somewhere behind the clouds. I found a place where I could see far away. One of the most calming things in life is to see far. Climb to a hill and follow river and earth with your eyes. I don't like high places but feet firmly on the ground it is liberating to see the vast land around you and breathe deeply fresh air. 

It might be actually good that there are no vivid colors, strong sounds or scents. You get to relax your senses and upload for spring. Once a year you can think the thoughts gathered to your mind and start all over. It is like a home after Christmas, empty, all bling taken down and waiting what comes next. We all need these slow seasons so that we don't run out of energy. 

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