Monday, 8 January 2018

Spontaneous Home Tour


Today when I came home the whole apartment was bathing in sunlight. I rushed to my camera and started taking pictures. Even on a sunny day we have light about 2-3 hours so I had to be quick. After several snowy days and quite dark December it was wonderful to see all the colors in their full bloom. Now that I have edited the photos I can see a leading theme in my home and it is bold pink. There is no corner in my home where there is no pink. Pink is reckless, energetic and inspiring color. Especially small pink details make a nice modern twist to bohemian style that can otherwise look too shabby.

I haven't shared that many interior pictures from my home lately the lack of light being the main reason. Kitchen corner is the only place that has a bit more light even on a cloudy day. It would be impossible to get good quality pictures in a living room when it is dark outside. It has worked fine to take most photographs in the kitchen and play with styling. Now that there begins to be more sunny days I feel inspired to start decorating other corners of this studio apartment. I have no plans to change the whole style. I like the mix of colors, old and new furniture, grey and pink combo and big wall posters and mirror wall. Yet I feel super inspired by the 2018 trends: Earthy hues, terracotta, berry colors and Pantone's color of the year ultra violet. To bring 2018 into my home I am going to go with small home decor DIYs. I already visited thrift stores today to get materials for projects. 

Sometimes it feels that nothing has happened in home decoration sector so it is good to have these reflective moments. Usually home decor DIYs that I make take their place in my home and I take a picture of that corner. Then after a while I change the order of furniture and decor and it looks a bit different. Last year has brought more pink details to my home. Ikat inspired lampshade DIY, wall clock that I made of an old plate and a new quilted blanket that I put on the wall. Two new pillows have found their place as well as furniture makeovers like the magazine/book stand with marble details. I have had many fun and inspiring moments making these projects and I can't wait to have more ideas and experiments this year! 

This year one of my goals is to post more often and write about small things and thoughts. As I told on Saturday's post I have taken the 52 books in 52 weeks challenge so you can expect posts about books and reading. I will also post about DIY projects because crafts, old stuff, recycled materials and experiments are my true passion. Without making and creating I am not truly alive but merely existing. I will continue to play with colors and recycled materials. This year's leading theme in home decor, DIYs and lifestyle could be ecological maximalism. Multitude of colors, textures, layers and atmosphere can be achieved with creativity and upcycling of existing materials.

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