Friday, 20 May 2016

DIY: Color for the Kitchen

Kitchen dreams
Living on a rent dreaming of a self designed fully functioning kitchen, but in the meanwhile trying to manage with what is given. Does that sound familiar? What comes to living space we have lots of dreams and wishes. Blogs and magazines are good source on inspiration but sometimes make us feel unsatisfied with the reality. I have had often this kind of feelings. The house is full of materials and solutions I would never pick if I would be given the the keys to design my own home. After several years of living on a rent I have changed my attitude. Instead of limitations I have started to see all the possibilities to change my home into a space that represents my personality and lifestyle.

Food is one of our basic needs. Kitchen is the place where we can enjoy food: cook, bake, eat and share a common table with our family and friends. It would be sad not to enjoy your kitchen just because the cupboards are wrong color or the space itself is too small. I spend a lot of time in my small kitchen space (it is not an actual room with a door, that is why I say space). I love trying new recipes, taking care of my plants (kitchen is the best place for that because it situates near the balcony), reading on a kitchen table and of course eating. I often listen to music in the kitchen to get into that right mood for cooking; When I am dealing with colorful veggies and spices I like to dance  and when baking a cake silent classical music is the best. Taking all these activities that take place in the kitchen it is only natural that there is always something in progress.  It is the color of life that the homes are designed for. So don´t feel anxious about a messy kitchen (or any other corner of your home) it only tells that your home is a place for living.

Now a few simple projects to add some concrete color to your kitchen. Pick a color you like and start making. 

After I tried hand knitted cotton dishrags I have not needed those sold in the supermarkets. You can wash these dishrags in 60 Celsius degrees. 

How to make these dishrags?
Create 40 or 50 loops depending on how thin the yarn is. Then just knit until you have a square. Then change the color and take a crocheting hook: 1st round: Crochet with simple crochets around the square. 2nd round: *4 simple crochets, every fifth loop crochet "one simple crochet, chain 5, one slip stitch, chain 5, one slip stitch, chain 5, one slip stitch (=flower)"*    *-* repeat. To the last corner make a hanger: chain 15, a slip stitch to the following 2 loops. Turn and make simple crochets around the ring until it is covered. One slip stitch next to the beginning of the ring. 

Did you know that you can remove brown stains from the stove with a little sugar cube? Dip a corner of the cube to water and rub off the stains.

How to make these potholders?
Take a big crochet hook and colorful carpet rag. Chain 16 and make simple crochets beginning from the second from the hook. Always when you turn to go to the next round chain one. Make about 18 rounds using simple crochets to form a square. Then change the color of the yarn and crochet simple crochets around the square, to the last corner make a hanger by chaining 11 and crocheting one simple crochet to the next loop.

My small recycling center
Recycling is one of the challenges in a small kitchen. There is always too little space for all the buckets. I have removed the garbage cart to get one extra bucket to the cabin. Modern recycling requirements do not meet with the nineties kitchen design. I am recycling bio waste, energy waste, glass, metals, cardboard waste, bottles and papers. Anything else goes to either non recyclable waste or special waste. Planning is needed to have this all organized. But the best thing is that I have to take the garbage just about once in a week! Plus I could not deal with the bad conscious that follows if I don´t recycle... I warmly recommend to take this recycling matter seriously. I know that every land/ town has it´s own recycling guidelines so take the time and read more how the recycling is done at your area.

Dye old white curtains 
You might remember these old white curtains. Well now I got these dyed with washing machine color.  I really like the result and how simple it was to use washing machine color.

These were my ideas how to add some color to the kitchen. Don´t forget the lampshade DIY project that I made a few weeks ago!
What kind of solutions have you made in your kitchen? What kind of colors do you prefer in the kitchen?

Wishing you all a good and relaxed weekend!


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