Monday, 9 May 2016

DIY Project: Embroidered Lampshade

This colorful DIY project is relatively easy to make though it takes some time. These sunny days offer a good light to work with embroidery technique. You will need: a basket style lampshade, spray paint, woolen embroidery yarn (yellow, 2 shades of green, coral, 2 shades of red) and cheap transparent nail polish.

These lampshades cost only 1€ per each at the flea market. I spray painted these with pink color.

I was surprised how difficult it was to find woolen embroidery yarn. I looked at the internet and local shops but did not find any place that would sell these. Finally when I asked at the local yarn shop they had little bags of embroidery yarn in their drawer. I remember that couple of years ago every yarn and craft shop had a special stand for these. Maybe these do not sell nowadays so well.

The design is simple. Count the middle of the work from your lampshade and begin at the middle of the pattern.  Take a short piece of embroidery yarn to tapestry needle and work one color at the time making cross stitches.

To finish the yarn ends use transparent nail polish to fasten the knots and cut off long yarns.

The white cord was too pale so I decided to crochet a cover from cotton yarn. Chain 6. *Chain one to turn and crochet one simple crochet in every loop (6 loops). * ** repeat. Measure the height of the cord and crochet accordingly. End the work when you reach the height. Fold the piece around the cord and sew the long seam by hand with the same yarn you used for crocheting.

I changed summer curtains but these are too white for my current taste (these are old curtains I had in my storage). Now I have plans to dye these with machine color. We will see how that goes :) I have already bought a coral color package.

Colorful DIY moments to your all!


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