Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Christmas in all Colors

Welcome to my home for a multicolored Christmas tour! Last weeks I have been crafting, making and thrifting. I have put an alternative decoration for Christmas tree that doesn´t take too much space from the living room and I have crafted a lovely door hanging (tutorial at the end of the post!!). Plus I found a new pink working chair and storage bench for living room from a thrift shop. Have a happy Advent season! Hope you find these pictures inspiring.
Who could resist pink Christmas curtains? This one has seen atleast 10 Christmases :)
 No need to water :) A few bigger branches from the ground, artificial snow spray and retro Christmas baubles from thrift shop.
You will find the tutorial for this fun December DIY project at the end of the post :)
New working chair is Finnish quality and the color is perfect. It is a bit worn out at the sitting part but I will repair it. Cost? Only 2,50€ at the local thrift shop! 
This storage bench is so clever! It hides all my magazines :) Good as new 38€ at the thrift shop.
Retro baubles from 60´s to 2015.
Knitting is a part of the winter season isn´t it? Yesterday I finished the first sock for this season.

Welcome December DIY -project
To celebrate December I share this fun DIY Christmas ornament project. 
You will need: a wooden door plate, 3 Styron drops, fabric scraps, ribbon, primer, acrylic color in neon pink, orange, violet ad gold, antiquing wax, pins, glue, pom poms, beads, felted balls, strong cotton yarn and neon garden twine.
Plus: Scissors, knife, cutting knife, brush, 2 small brushes for the details, needle and cotton cloth.

Step 1. Make 0,5 cm deep cuts to the Styron drop to divide it to 4 sectors. Take a piece of fabric and stuff the edges inside the cuts. Cut off the extra fabric. Go through all the sectors like this. Glue a ribbon to cover the seams.
Step 2. Sew pom poms to the drops and thread some beads, felted balls and pom poms to decorate the yarn.
Door plate before, someone had already decorated it with her/his own style. I bought this from a thrift shop but craft shops sell these in various shapes. I just washed off the old decor and put white primer and sanded a little. Then I painted 4-5 layers with neon pink. After the paint was dry I applied the wax with cotton cloth and painted the decor with a smaller brush. Last step was to attach the hanging decorations with pins and put a neon garden twine to hang the decoration.

Tomorrow it is already December! I don´t have an advent calendar this year but I am going to watch some calendars from the internet, TV and DVD. Hope you don´t have any Christmas stress with decor, presents, food or cleaning. I know there is a lot of pressure to have all things perfect. I have been sharing some messy Christmas organizing pictures on Instagram to relieve the stress :) Everything is still in process. When I get some corner done the next one is a mess. But preparing is the best part of Christmas. 

Happy December!


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