Thursday, 10 November 2016

Dr. Frankenstein´s Christmas :)

The title comes from the medicine bottle DIY. After finishing the DIY I started thinking that it would have been more suitable for Halloween as it brings Dr. Frankenstein´s laboratory in mind. This post actually includes two DIY project ideas that you can finish in one evening. Both have been made using recycled or second hand material.  These bottles  have preserved lavender, thyme and other quite subtle medicines but they have beautiful old pharmacy labels. Brown bottles with fairy lights are interesting and not so Christmassy decoration in case you are looking for something like that. Both decorations go perfectly for vintage style with an edge. The cardboard stars can be made with any colors you choose not just black and gold. For example with pink ribbon and rose stickers you would get a totally different look.

Cardboard was so easy and beautiful material for Christmas decor. It was great fun to decorate these stars and use all glittery material I have collected from craft shops. You could cut stars during the   TV´s commercial breaks and then focus more with washi-tape, glitter and paint :)


Glamorous Cardboard Stars

First you will need a cardboard box, pen and scissors. Cut stars from the cardboard. You can print, draw or use a cookie cutter to get the star shape. I cut both small and big stars.

Then you will need twine or for example gift wrapping yarn plus a long needle. And of course different kinds of decoration materials like glue, glitter, sequins, washi-tape, stamps, acrylic paint... You could also use stickers, old book pages, napkins. Just be creative.

Thread stars to the twine.

And then it is time to decorate! Which is the best part :) I made 3 chains with 9-11 stars and put all to a group that I attached to a drawer with U-shaped wire hook.

Mr. Frankenstein´s Christmas lights :)

You will need bottles. I had found these old bottles from a thrift shop some years ago. You could also use old soda/ food bottles that have beautiful labels. If you have only new bottles in hand you can print old looking labels from the internet of use scrap booking papers. Point is to use glass bottles/jars with plastic or metallic covers.

Then put some painter´s tape on every cover and measure the center. Use protective eye wear and gloves. Drill a hole in every cover. I used 5mm drill because that was the biggest I had. Led lights would go in the bottle better if you would use 6mm-7mm drill. Remove the tape and put a light in every bottle. Use fairy lights that do not heat (for example led lights)!! 


Inspiring days with Christmas crafting and decorating to you all! Remember to just sit and relax and feel the Christmas coming :)


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