Monday, 7 November 2016

Monday Miracle

Merry Monday dear readers! Today I woke up to a chilly and bright winter day. Not a single cloud in the sky, trees glittering and little bit of snow on the ground. It was a perfect day to take first winter pictures for this season. 

I have taken all my shabby Christmas decor from the storage. There are elf figures and baubles all over the place. It feels cozy to have traditional decorations even though I am going to make some more pieces according to what is trendy this Christmas. I am trying to keep things simple before Christmas and not to take too big projects :D It was fun to make the drawer makeover that you saw in the last post but I have planned little decoration projects that I would also like to get done. Though I seem to be incurable DIY maniac! Today at the thrift shop I already eyed furniture. Maybe I am dreaming something against my own nature when I picture relaxing days listening to Christmas songs, knitting and drinking hot chocolate. It might be best kind of activity for the holidays to just renovate the whole house all over again, laugh. And we DIYers have built a good network in the social media for sharing inspiration. Every day I list new things to my `to try and make list´. 

Fortunately someone has invented movies. Watching films is a good way to relax and do some minor crafts. Yesterday I watched 21 Jump Street, which was surprisingly good movie (I don´t typically watch this genre). It was fun to notice that I related so much for those older guys who where lost in the 2010s high school world :) I have also wondered how much time has changed the school world and world in general. Nowadays interests like science, environmental consciousness and DIYing have become so popular. It is nice to notice that being curious about world, improving oneself and learning new skills are valued.

Sending you all positive vibes from the winter wonderland


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