Friday, 18 November 2016

DIY Room Decor: Rough and Recycled!

I am continuing my series `from garbage bin to gorgeous´ and statement home decoration pieces. This time I will show you how to make a trendy light box star from recycled shelf back panel and how to transform a plain (found from garbage bin) chair into a stylish side/ flower table! I made both with black color but remember that you can choose what ever color you want. 

DIY Stylish Side Table

The chair looked like it would fit into a 90´s kindergarten (maybe we had this kind of chairs in my own kindergarten years?). I found the chair next to the garbage bins.

You will need
a chair
Japanese saw
sanding paper
paint brush
chalk paint
golden acrylic paint
small brush
white pen
painters tape
transparent shabby wax
cotton cloth to apply the wax

Step 1. Saw off the back and sand the edges.
Step 2. Paint the side table with primer 1-2 times depending the original color.
Step 3. Paint the side table with chalk paint 2-3 times depending the color you chose. Darker colors need more layers to become even.

Step 4. Now we will decorate the legs. Use painters tape to divide the area that is going to be painted (see picture). Tap golden paint to the legs. Remove the tape immediately so it won´t stuck and peel off the chalk paint. 

Step 5. Now we will make the decorative herringbone decoration.  You can see the measurements in the picture. Mark the long lines in every 3,5 cm with ruler and white pen. To the long lines make a mark in every 1 cm. 

Step 6. Paint the herringbone according to the lines.

Step 7. When the paint is dry apply the shabby wax using an old soft cotton cloth.

DIY Light Box Star

This might be the most horrible before picture in the history of this blog. But have no fear! The end result will be awesome. The pile will be transformed into a star shaped light box. This material is from garbage bin.

To this DIY you will need

wood like material or thin plywood
ruler, angle ruler, pen
Japanese saw
wood glue
hot glue gun
led lights that do not heat
spray paint

As I am not sure if everyone remembers from school maths how to draw a star I thought it might be good to show you how I counted and draw this five point star. As I am not anyways a math genius (lack of practice ;) please do not mind that approx 21 cm. I have not counted that, just measured it after drawing the star so it is not exact. You will need that measure when you cut the side pieces so make your own measurements!
Step 1. Draw a circle. I had 30 cm radius. If you don´t have a big compass you can attach pen to a piece of yarn and draw the circle with it.
Step 2. Draw a radius from center to circle. Measure ten sectors with 36° angle (if you want for example 6 point star you need to multiply 6 with 2= 12= number of sectors and divide 360° with 12 so you got the angles right).
Step 3. In very other line count 13 cm. Join the lines as shown in the picture.

Alternatively you can miss all the fun and print the star from the internet :)

After you have done the maths these steps follow
Step 4. Saw the star with Japanese saw from outer circle to middle.

Step 5. Using the cut star as a model draw and cut another star. When you draw put wrong sides together. Make a mark to both sides to show which points join together. This is done because when you are using hand tools you might not be able to get geometrically exact pieces.
Step 6. Measure the point of the star, mine was 21cm. Cut 10 21cm* 8cm rectangles. Now you got all the parts.

Step 7. Now drill holes for the led lights to come out. I had 20 led light string, so I drilled twenty 4,5 mm holes. I wanted the lights to go symmetrical so I used the the star drawing lines as a guideline and measured the points where I wanted a light. Make light holes just to the front star.

Step 8. Glue sides to the star with holes in it. Use hot glue gun. As I said I was not able to do exact pieces so when gluing I had to make some side pieces slightly smaller to fit in. Secure the seams properly with the glue.

Step 9. Spray paint the pieces with the color you chose.

Step 10. Put normal glue (do not use hot glue gun in this step!!) that will dry transparent into every hole and place the lights. Let dry. Make a little hole to the back star so that when you glue the parts together you get the wire out.

Step 11. Using normal glue attach the back star to the box. You can secure the seams with hot glue gun but be careful not to spill any hot glue to the led lights and wire. If you want you can also spray paint the seams, just put the wire into a plastic bag and cover the lights while working.


If you were interested in these DIY projects you might want to check these two DIY posts with similar style! 

More DIY Christmas decoration ideas and home decor coming soon! I have played a lot with darker colors and now I am changing into golden and pastel combo. I think the end of November is the most inspiring time of the year. There is still plenty of time before Christmas but it is already permitted to decorate and plan Christmas. 

What about you, Have you been making DIY projects or crafts for Christmas? Do you enjoy planning Christmas?

Happy Friday!! Weekend will start soon :)


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