Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Vintage Christmas with 3 Simple DIY projects!

Advent time is near. Here in Finland First Advent is important day because it officially starts the Christmas season. Of course many of us begin our Christmas preparations a bit earlier ;) and for example commercial Christmas season openings are usually on mid November.

I am trying to slow down at the beginning of the Advent time, relax and enjoy all things Christmassy. Usually most of the decor is on it´s place and I love to drink glögi (Finnish warm and spicy Christmas drink), bake plum tarts, listen to Christmas radio, read familiar Christmas books and watch movies. I also try to find as much time as possible for `fairy light´ -walks. With that I mean long walks at the neighborhood spying beautiful Christmas lights that fill all the balconies, gardens and window sills.

In this post I will show you some simple tips how to build a Christmas table centerpiece and decorations for a small dining area. In these decorations I focus on vintage and a little bit old fashioned style. Key elements are gold, vintage baubles, candles, nature, flowers and glass. Remember that everyone can bring a piece of Christmas magic to their homes, whether big or small. You can also use quite bold and big elements even though you would decorate a small space. Think big, live small! 

Rime Glass Jars

Glass jars seem to be a continuing trend even though it is almost ten years when I bought my first one. Maybe it is a classic. Well, some of these have got scratches and chips so it was OK to do some DIY.

I attached star shaped outline stickers and spray painted the jars with transparent rime spray. After the spray paint I removed the stickers. 

Now the spray painted and non painted jars make a nice arrangement. I put in nature elements like braches, pine cones and Christmas baubles. One of the jars got amaryllis and battery operated fairy lights that do not heat.

Tip! Use led tealights and fairy lights and you can decorate more freely.

Lace table runner

Lace tablets used to be very cheap at the thrift shops and I collected these a lot. Sometimes I even got 3 handmade tablets with 1,50€! Those were crazy times :D Some of these tablets are from a friend who rescued them from a garbage bin because she thought I might make something nice of them. I have used many of these in my home decor but some are a bit peculiar color or have spots that are difficult to remove.

So I chose four lace tablets that were either wrong color or worn out and combined them (pink marks are to show where I sewed) with cotton yarn and ironed well. Then I simply spray painted the table runner with golden spray paint 3-4 times. For a finishing touch I brushed golden acrylic paint to get more shine.

Pearl flower planter

 What would be Christmas without a tin DIY project? This DIY is extremely simple. You just need a hot glue gun, tin and pear chain (this chain is a Christmas decoration and I checked that these cost nowadays 2€ at the store).

Put glue little by little to the surface as you swirl the pearl chain around the tin. Remember that tin can be hot after hot glue! If you want the same look as I have in the last picture spray paint with gold spray after the glue is dry. Do not use spray paint when the glue is hot!


Golden Christmas tree cost 2€ at the thrift shop and I decorated it with baubles. Cocoa tin is also an ancient thrift shop find. There is water washable snow spray on the window. Golden candle holders are from Ebba and Erkki boutique that situates at Levi. Candle holders cost 12€ per one.

Happy First Advent, May it be Peaceful and Relaxing!


I updated my About page with new pictures :) I think it is nice to know who is behind the blog. All portraits taken from me are current and unfiltered, I have added just a little contrast and color. I think it is important to show real pictures of real people. In this cyber world it is so easy to create human 2.0. When I bought my new smart phone I was shocked about the selfie filters that modified my head and skin tone. I do understand artistic freedom and I use filters on Instagram to make colors better in my pictures. But I don´t understand filters that do not just change color but modify the whole object in the picture. Maybe I am just old fashioned :) But can that filtered 2.0 introduce her/himself in the real world?

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