Monday, 22 August 2016

10 Things to do for Rainy Autumn Days

Autumn is really making it´s way as it has been raining more or less for several days. Here are some ideas what to do and make during those rainy days and dark afternoons/ evenings.

1. Watch movies that allow you to travel far away from place and time. I would recommend some older movies like Out of Africa, A Passage To India, The Man from Snowy River and Dances with Wolves which all have a good story and beautiful scenery. 

2. Get to know one Russian classic as a book. BBC´s new TV adaption of War and Peace is starting tomorrow (here in Finland). If the series is nearly as beautiful as the trailers I have seen it is definitely worth watching. Last time I had a mission to read a Russian classic it was 2012 when the latest movie version of Anna Karenina came. 

Now I am reading Doctor Zhivago at the 117th page and it has kept me hooked. I don´t actually know why I haven´t read Zhivago, Anna Karenina or War and peace before, these are all excellent books. Maybe it is just a time issue. These books need time so that the reader can get into the book´s world. One page every now and then is not enough..

3. Organize a closet, table or a room that has annoyed you for a long time. Last weekend I heard about KonMari method in which you just keep things that bring you joy and cast everything else away. It sounded interesting and I tried this method to organize my fabric closet that has been a mess for a year now. As a result I got two bags of fabric to charity shop. 

I have actually had a constant re-organizing process for one year now as I just always end up with too much stuff in my closets (second hand shop/ flea market syndrome??). Simple rules in KonMari might make the tidying process easier. 

4. Keep indoor plants. Now when the weather and dark afternoons keep us more inside it is good to take care of the indoor air. Plants make the air better and green reminds of the miracle of growth when there is nothing but snow outside. Indoor jungles are also a super trendy element in interior decoration :) Take good care of your old plants and try some new ones.

5. Listen to radio or audio books. I have noticed that listening to low paced radio program or well read audio book does good for concentrating.  Sometimes TV just flashes bits of program and advertisements in a fast tempo so that listening to radio can be a good alternative for relaxing. 

6. Go for a walk. When you are prepared for the stormy weather with wellies and rain coat being outdoors is enjoyable: air is fresh and plants look greener. It is also nice to come inside after a walk like this and prepare a warm soup or a cup of coffee.

7. Take a pause. We often forget to take a pause in the middle of everything. Then when going to sleep things are wandering into the mind. To avoid this go for a nap or listen to the rain on a sofa. Use this time for dreaming and planning.

8. Knit woolen socks or mittens. Or crochet a blanket. Now is the time to take all woolen yarns from the storage and start planning knitting and crocheting crafts.

9. Gather inspiration from internet. When it is a good weather it feels wrong to be inside and surf in the internet. Now it is allowed and a good pastime. Find new blogs (so little time so many excellent blogs!) and Twitter accounts or gather a new inspiration wall in Pinterest. Make a list of projects you want to make this autumn and winter season.

10. Light candles and decorative lights in and outdoors. Wash all tealight plates from dust and place into nice arrangements. Clean the balcony or terrace from flowers that do not bloom anymore and replace with autumn plants. Place lanterns in hooks and light the first outdoor candles on a dark and rainy evening. 



  1. Ihanat vinkit, joista jokaisen voisi toteuttaa tulevina sadepäivinä :)

  2. Mukava kuulla, että vinkit inspiroivat. Itsekin olen näillä sävelillä mennyt sadepäiviä, joita pohjoisessa on viimepäivinä riittänyt :)


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