Friday, 12 August 2016

Decorate with Trendy Baskets

You might have noticed that baskets are everywhere. Trendy decorative baskets that are matched with cacti and worn off flower pots. But how to apply the trend for one´s home with a stylish manner without spending lots of money to latest trend pieces? Because you know, when something gets the IT factor the product will gain extra zero to its price.

Good way is to look after your own stuff in the storage and then move to flea markets. Baskets do not have to be in a perfect shape as you are going to hang them to a wall for a decorative purpose only. Also look for the potential, you can do some DIYing to make the piece work according to the current trend. I know that materials for crafting are pricey in the shops so be creative when you circle through the flea markets and second hand shops because you might find lots of material with a low price. And when you buy craft supplies from a shop or as second hand, store left overs properly so you can use them in the future projects.

Bag full of woolen embroidering yarn 3€, from Kontti second hand shop.

How to:

Step 1: Choose 3-5 baskets to hang on your wall. If some of the baskets already have decoration let them be. For the plain ones use some creativity. 

Step 2: I decorated two baskets. One with blue and terracotta paint following the weaving of the basket ( I painted just the looms going to vertical direction). The other one I decorated with white paint and woolen yarn. The cross stitch design is a modification from a traditional Finnish folk pattern used in national costumes. You can find lots of books about cross stitching in a library, just variate with the color to get a design that fits your home decoration style.

Step 3: Choose space for the baskets so that you can style them with other elements. Place baskets to your wall in an organic shape starting with one and collecting others around the first one. Alternatively you can place baskets to a narrow space by arranging them to a line.

Step 4: Other elements. I would style baskets with interesting flower vases (mine are 1-3€ W. Germany vases from flea markets) arranged in a group with bright colored flowers in one or two. Also other bohemian elements like salt stone lamp, old wooden artifacts, plants, simple modern tealight plates and book piles would support the 2016 style.

Step 5: Do not feel pressure to style your home according to current trends. Learning about whats new in home decoration right now should be fun and inspiring.  Remember that you are the one  living in your home. Most important thing is what you think looks nice. You do not have to care about the right way of styling. There are as many right ways as there are stylists. 

Enjoy the weekend!


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