Tuesday, 12 December 2017

12.12. Cute Fairy Lights

Hope your December has been going fine so far. We have already opened twelve advent calendar boxes together and there are twelve more to go! Small DIY projects, baking ideas and lifestyle posts bringing Christmas spirit.

During the darkest midwinter months there can't be too many fairy lights. I put lights to vases, windows and walls. Cute small lights are a festive add to table setting or living room table. To make basic warm white lights look more personal you can use sticker paper. 

You will need:

Basic led lights that do not heat
Sticker paper
Cardboard paper

How to:

Step 1. Cut a symmetric leaf model like one in the picture from the cardboard paper. Draw and cut out leaves from sticker paper using the model.

Step 2. Remove the back paper from the sticker leaf and fold the leaf around the wire. If the sticker paper is very transparent remove the back paper only from the other half and let the back paper stay in between.

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