Monday, 18 December 2017

18.12. Painted Star Napkins

These napkins were inspired by a star model I made for the mug coaster the day before. Inspiration can be found everywhere when you look closely forms and materials. You can use napkins in a table setting creatively for example as small tablecloths or breadbasket clothes. 

You will need:

Grey linen
Sewing yarn
White fabricpaint
Cardboard paper
Small brush

How to:

Step 1. Cut 35 cm * 35 cm pieces from linen, fold the seams and sew.

Step 2. Draw a star model. Draw 6,5 cm and 2,5 cm circles, smaller inside the bigger one. Divide the circles to 16 sectors that have a 20 degree angle. Connect the points moving from inner circle to outer circle and back. Cut out the model.

Step 3. Draw the star to the linen. Draw the inner circle to the star with the compass, draw also the lines between points.

Step 4. Use small brush to paint the star according to lines. Let dry. Iron the paint to the fabric (usually advised to iron through baking sheet).

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