Sunday, 17 December 2017

17.12. Wooden Wreath

Happy Third Advent Sunday! This big wreath is great for decorating an empty space on a wall. Welcoming wreaths are an essential part of Christmas decorations. I like to have many wreaths around the house during the Christmas season. Good places are doors, walls and windows. This wooden wreath proves that stunning effect can be achieved with few ingredients. I  chose big 3,5 cm wooden beads to have a bold look.

You will need:

50 wooden beads 3,5 cm
Two metal hoops
Faux spruce branches
Cotton yarn
Hot glue gun
Strong wire cutters

How to:

Step 1. Open metal hoops with wire cutters and put the beads in.

Step 2. To close a hoop use hot glue that you put inside a bead and move the bead to the seam. Put more glue around the hole.

Step 3. Attach hoops together with cotton yarn. Decorate small empty gap between beads and hoops with ribbon and faux spruce branches.

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