Wednesday, 6 December 2017

6.12. Finland's Independence Day

Today is a big day. It is Finland's Independence Day and 100th Birthday. Finland became independent 6.12.1917. Traditionally Independence Day here in Finland is filled with Christmas preparations and festive programs on television. From my childhood I remember that we had Christmassy treats on the table and most of the decor was on it's place. Crafting Christmas cards has also been one of my Independence Day traditions. Like every year the most popular program on television today is the President's Independence Day Reception where one can see glamorous dresses. Usually I spend Independence Day at home relaxing, cooking and decorating but this year I am attending to two events. Now that it is centenary year there are more events than usual which I think is wonderful. I would love to see more social events also in the future because it makes the celebration feel even more festive.

This year I wanted to decorate gingerbreads with the colors of the Finland's flag, blue and white. 

You will need:

Icing sugar
Sugar fondant
Food colouring
Small candies
Icing bags
Flower forms

How to:

Step 1. Color half of the sugar fondant blue. Roll white and blue fondants and press flowers with the flower form. Let the flowers dry a little bit.

Step 2. Mix some icing sugar and few drops of water to get sugar icing. Put the icing to an icing bag.

Step 3. Decorate the gingerbreads with sugar icing and press flowers and candies to the icing.

Happy Finland's Independence Day! Hyvää Itsenäisyyspäivää! 

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