Thursday, 14 December 2017

14.12. Himmeli Diamond

Series of nature inspired Christmas tree ornaments continues today with a traditional himmeli ornament. It is amazing how beautiful ornaments you can make with the most humble of materials, straws. You could use plastic straws too if you want to make a colorful version. Himmeli diamonds would make an interesting mobile to a window but I used these to decorate the Christmas tree with driftwood and marble ornaments we made few days ago.

You will need:

Wooden beads
Strong cotton yarn (small and medium)
Long thin needle

How to:

Step 1. Soak the straws is warm water 2 hours before cutting. For one diamond cut 8 pieces of each size: a. 9,5 cm, b. 6 cm, c. 4 cm.

Step 2. Take long yarn and needle. Thread in straws a,b,b,a and tie. 

Step 3. Then tie in all a & b pairs. One by one.

Step 4. Then tie in  c straws between the points where a & b straws meet. Finish the yarn and decorate himmeli with beads. Attach a loop from a bit thicker cotton yarn or decorative yarn.

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