Tuesday, 5 December 2017

5.12. Framed Wreath

Happy fifth day of December! Wreath is a classic Christmas decoration and today I show you how to make a bit different wreath decoration for this Christmas. This nostalgic wall art is made of using materials from thrift store. It has something that makes one think about historical period drama, magical childhood Christmases and old storybooks. 

You will need:

Old frame
Strong cardboard paper (might come with the frame)
Small plastic wreath
Black calligraphy marker
Piece of wire

How to:

Step 1. Measure the frame and cut 2 pieces of strong cardboard paper to match the frame.

Step 2. Cut one cardboard piece to a passepartout. Write Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays to the down middle of the passepartout. Put the passepartout and whole cardboard piece to the frames.

Step 3. Plan how you want to place the wreath to the cardboard background. Use wire to attach the wreath to the cardboard. Easiest way is to make two small holes to the cardboard and then tie the wreath to the cardboard and twine the wire ends to the backside. 

Now you have a beautiful Christmas wall art to put on your door or for example give as a nice gift to your friend!

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