Friday, 8 December 2017

8.12. Quilted Tablecloth

Two years ago I made the first version of this tablecloth and ever since it has been one of my Christmas favorites. Design is super easy but makes just perfect modern quilt to add to you Christmas table or side table. I love to arrange small buffets on side tables. Nice festive tablecloth, small candy and cookie jars and of course candles. It is easy to make this 103 cm * 46 cm tablecloth longer so it would work as a table runner on a big main table. Two years ago I made a colorful version and now thought to try grey, black and white scale. This color scale allows to use what ever colors in candles and decor: red, purple, green... 90% of the fabrics I used are from thrift store. I really like the fabric in the middle because it was a lots of fun to stitch. You could stitch strict lines or look at the pattern and make creative choices. Both ways to stitch work beautifully!

You will need:

5-6 different fabrics
Back fabric
Sewing yarn
Embroidery yarn
Woolen yarn
Quilting equipment: 
cutting mat, ruler, rotary cutter, pins,
sewing machine, iron, embroidery hoop, needle

How to:

Step 1. First cut the middle piece 94 cm * 30 cm. Then cut 34 6 cm * 13 cm pieces from 4-5 fabrics you have chosen. 

Step 2. Use 0,75 cm sewing allowance. Sew small pieces to four rows, two with 9 pieces and two with 8 pieces. Change the order of the fabric pieces between these rows so that you can put one longer and one shorter row together. Iron the seams open.

Step 3. Sew one shorter row and one longer row together as show in the picture. Do the same to the other pair. Iron well. Cut off the extra pieces from both ends. Sew row pairs to both sides of the middle piece. Iron well.

Step 4. Cut 7,5 cm stripes to both ends and sew. Iron well.

Step 5. Measure the back piece so that it is the same size as the front piece. Put right sides together and sew. Turn the right side out and iron the work. Sew the turning hole by hand. Take embroidery hoop and stitch the middle piece decoratively.

Step 6. Make small tassels/ pompoms of the woolen yarn and sew to the corners, you could also use beads or other decorations.

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