Friday, 15 December 2017

15.12. Snowball Christmas Tree Lights

Happy Friday! We have been crafting together for 14 posts already. Has it been fun? Now it is time for 15th post which means only 10 ten days left til Christmas. It is beginning to look a lot like Christmas here don't you think? Christmas tree has gotten three kinds of new ornaments and window looks like it is ready to take any winter storm that might occur these midwinter days. We have made cute fairylights with sticker paper. Today I share a tip how to make these organic shape lights to finish the nature inspired Christmas tree. On my opinion these white lights would also be stunning as a bunch, it would look like a modern design light. I might use these fairylights after Christmas too because these are so stylish. Best part in this DIY is as always the fact that you can choose to make the lights in any color you want!

You will need:

Led fairylights that do not heat
Small water balloons
White tissuepaper (or any color/pattern tissuepaper you want to use)
Liquid glue
Small brush

How to:

Step 1. Blow the water balloons. 

Step 2. Cut tissuepaper to small pieces. Mix few drops of water to two tablespoons of glue (you can make more when you need).

Step 3. Then decoupage tissuepaper to the balloon. Apply a bit of gluemix to the balloon and place tissuepaper pieces to it. Put about 5 layers of paper all over the balloon. Don't put tissuepaper pieces to rows. It is better if the pieces cross together. When all 5 layers are on their place brush gluemix on top of all. Let dry properly. Make all balloons similarly. 

Step 4. When the balloons are dry make a hole to the water balloon, let it go empty and stretch it out. Decoupage gently two paper pieces to cover the hole in the paper balloon. Let dry. 

Step 5. Make a small hole to the paper balloon and press to a ledlight. 

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