Sunday, 3 December 2017

3.12. First Advent Sunday

The First Advent Sunday arrives to the middle of the everyday chaos bringing touches of coming Christmas. First Advent is one of the best Sundays in a year. I always wake up early and take four advent candles from a cupboard. I light the first candle while drinking my morning coffee. How one candle can feel so festive! I listen to Christmas radio and might bake the first Christmas plum tarts. This advent candle arrangement uses materials that quite many already have in their cabinets which is perfect for a last minute DIY. Happy First Advent Sunday to you all!

You will need:

4 old mugs
Sea salt
Four candles
Black permanent marker

How to:

Step 1. Using permanent marker draw numbers 1-4 to the mugs. 

Step 2. Fill the mugs with sea salt and press candle to the salt. Place the mugs to a group.

Now you can celebrate the First Advent Sunday by lighting the first candle!


  1. I love the simplicity of this. The mugs are pretty.

    1. Thank you! Mugs are all different but have a similar style so I thought why not to put all in a same arrangement.


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