Thursday, 21 December 2017

21.12. Christmas Flower

Flowers are essential in every festive season. Because Christmas is in the middle of winter flowers feel even more luxurious than usual. Amaryllis and hyacinth are my top two flowers at Christmas. I put hyacinths all over the apartment to get the lovely Christmassy scent everywhere. Amaryllis is more like centerpiece and today I show you nature inspired way to style amaryllis.

You will need:

Amaryllis and soil
Flowerpot that has patina
Lichen (from flower or crafts store)
Drift wood

How to:

Step 1. Put soil to the pot and place the amaryllis firmly to it.

Step 2. Cover the soil with lichen and place the driftwood piece to it like it would be in the forest.

Arrangement will be ready when the flower opens. Amaryllis usually blooms long so you can enjoy the arrangement for the entire holiday season. 

Tip: You could make more arrangements like this to for example terracotta pots that have patina and use hyacinths in some of the pots. These arrangements would look stylish in a long dinner table at Christmas and New Year's Eve.

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