Thursday, 7 December 2017

7.12. Paper Angels

Paper angels are a beautiful decoration to put on a Christmas tree or twined as a group to a window. This is one example of how simple material, white paper, can turn into something so very beautiful. Lace puncher makes cute extra decor to the angel but it is optional. You could also use colorful paper, old magazines or book pages to make these angels fit your personal style.

You will need:

White paper A4
Angel pictures
White sewing yarn
Lace puncher
Paper glue

How to:

Step 1. Cut 15 cm * 29 cm piece from the paper. 2 cm of the 15 cm is measured for the lace decor so if you want to leave it off cut 13 cm * 29 cm piece.

Step 2. Divide 29 cm to 1 cm stripes, draw lines with a pencil. Use lace puncher to decorate one long side of the paper.

Step 3. Fold the paper according to the lines you draw.

Step 4. Tie the angel's neck from 5 cm with sewing yarn. Open the collar and skirt and glue together. Glue angel picture to hide the yarn knot. Attach the angels to a row with sewing yarn.

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