Sunday, 24 December 2017

24.12. Merry Christmas!

What makes a Christmas for You? We all have our own kind of Christmas. Christmas is a time of traditions both old and new. Some traditions have passed through generations and some have been made only last Christmas. More will be created this Christmas. I only keep the ones that feel good. I think there is no point hanging on traditions that feel like a burden. One of my latest addings to Christmas traditions is Christmas walk that I will be doing third time this year. Before Christmas sauna I will take a walk, admire Christmas lights on yards and windows, maybe pass few Santa Clauses in their cars, watch great river that is coated with ice, take one or two running steps to keep warm and finally come home to see the Snowman and Christmas Peace Declaration from TV. 

Some years ago I understood that I can cook what ever I like for Christmas and ever since Christmas table has been full of all kinds of treats I love. Yesterday I spent all day cooking and baking. I tried new recipes and got the first taste of Christmas 2017. Best part is today evening when I get to go to the fridge  and take little bit of this and that, sweet and savory and continue watching TV or reading a book. 

I won't put too many activities to one day as there are many festive days ahead during this two week holiday season. Some day I will watch old black and white movies for a whole day. Most days I will spend reading. Also I would like to try if I can still skate. 

After all Christmas is yours and your nearest and dearest and you can spend it as you see it is best. There is no right or wrong way. 

I wish you peaceful, relaxing, glittering, tasty and all in all Wonderful Christmas time where ever you are my friend! <3

Merry Christmas! Hyvää Joulua! God Jul!


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