Saturday, 23 December 2017

23.12. One Night Till Christmas

Tomorrow when we wake up it will be Christmas! This evening I will eat some my favorite treats, Christmas tarts, gingerbreads and cocoa dates. I have still some presents to pack and it has been my Christmas tradition to listen to the radio over the midnight, look snowy views from the window and pack the presents. This is actually one of the best moments in Christmas, when the big celebration is almost here: Angel chime keeps a small sound. All fairy lights are on and glittering. Neighbors are cooking and baking, there is a wonderful scent in the corridor that comes from Christmas treats. Few spruce needles are on the walking route, someone has just carried a tree home. 


  1. That sounds utterly magical! Came from your IG

    1. Thank you, wonderful that you found to my blog. Night before Christmas is magical. Once I saw five reindeers running from the opposite apartmentbuilding's parkinglot night before Christmas. I even had to write it down to my notebook to believe I was not dreaming :) Merry Christmas!


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